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Saturday, 25 May 2024
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Muslims from abroad show solidarity with Imran Khan, express deep concerns over accusing him of blasphemy 

Muslims from abroad show solidarity with Imran Khan, express deep concerns over accusing him of blasphemy 

Khan defended honour of our beloved prophet in UN and convinced the word to announce the International day against Islamophobia, how dare any one to accuse him of blasphemy, said Dr. Muhammad al-Hachimi al-Hamidi 

By Fazal Khan 


BELGIUM (TSAT) - Muslims from several countries expressed deep concern over reports of a blasphemy case filed by the new government against former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan in his country. 


London-based prominent Author and Chairman Almustakillah TV. Dr. Muhammad al-Hachimi al-Hamidi said Khan is a Muslim leader who raised his voice against Islamophobia in the world.


“If any Muslim leader deserves to be a companion of our beloved prophet in paradise it should be @ImranKhanPTI. He defended his honour in the UN & convinced the word to announce the International day against #Islamophobia," he tweeted.


“How dare any one in #Pakistan accuse him of blasphemy?,” he questioned. 


Al-Hamidi praised his initiative during his government to teach the life of our holy prophet to the children in schools and said “Imran Khan  is today the bearer of the Prophet's flag in Pakistan and the world.”



“How dare anyone accuse of blasphemy the leader who ordered the teaching of the seerah and guidance of our beloved prophet Muhammad to kids and adults and to bring it to their lives?,” he lamented. 



A prominent Turkish author, Songwriter, and Composer Turgay Evren also expressed his deep concern over the reports and said Khan always defended Islam and our holy Prophet


Now in Pakistan, the act of Blasphemy is being brought against Imran Khan, who always defended Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) on every national and international platform!,” he wrote on Twitter. 


On Saturday, local police in Pakistan's southeastern city of Faisalabad registered a case against Khan and top leaders of his party including former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid under blasphemy laws days after pilgrims converged on Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif's delegation and chanted slogans in Masjid-i-Nabwi Saudi Arabia, according to Pakistan major English daily Dawn. 


Faisalabad is the hometown of current interior minister Rana Sanaullah.


Sanullah on Sunday supported his government's action and wrote on Twitter that there is no justification for not filing a case against those who violated the sanctity of the Holy place Masjid-i-Nabwi.


However, all the leaders including Khan were in Pakistan when some Pakistani citizens chanted slogans against some federal ministers in Masjid-i-Nabwi. 


What kind of person files a blasphemy case against @ImranKhanPTI?. Even the enemies of Islam/Muslims will disagree with it,” US-based Kashmiri prominent leader Tony Ashai said.  


The case has spread anger across the South Asian country as Khan’s supporters strongly condemned the act and called it an attempt to put the former premier life in danger. 


His party, Pakistan Tehree-e-Insaf also condemned the act and called it “ridiculous.”


“No one in recent history has fought the case against islamophobia with more passion, logic, and deep conviction than [Imran Khan]. To file a ridiculous FIR against him trying to show that he had anything to do with disrespect of masjid e nabavi, is condemnable and reprehensible,” Asad Umar, PTI Secretary-General, and former federal minister tweeted.  


A retired Brigadier Ashfaq Hassan said whoever suggested the government to file such cases is not sincere with them


“Registration of FIRs against PTI  leaders and workers on terrorism charges(non bailable) Yes you are right… Last nail in coffin. Whosoever is suggesting this to Govt is not sincere,” he wrote on social media platforms.


On Sunday, Khan’s former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid urged the country establishment to come forward and control the situation as such acts could move the country to unrest.  


“This government wants to arrest Imran Khan and me but it will more complicate the political crisis,” Rashid said while addressing a news conference in the capital Islamabad. 


Rashid was referring, Khan announcement to bring two million people to capital Islamabad after Eid and compel the government to announce immediate elections in the country. 


Political crisis in Pakistan emerged in March when the then opposition alliance of nearly a dozen parties submitted a no-trust motion against Khan in the parliament and later ousted him from power on April 10.


Khan accused the US to planned the regime change conspiracy in Washington and using his country’s opposition parties to remove him from power because of his government's independent foreign policy and his visit to Russia. 


Washington denied the accusations. However, Khan build a strong narrative inside his country and people joined his three massive gatherings in Peshawar, Karachi, and Lahore cities. 


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