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Saturday, 04 February 2023
Pakistan Army at the Forefront for Flood Affectees

Pakistan Army at the Forefront for Flood Affectees

By The South Asia Times 


Amid the chaos caused in the country due to economic crisis and political turmoil, the flood disaster in Pakistan has added insult to injury. Furthermore, at such a time when the whole nation was supposed to be working together, the political elites are engaged in a tussle with one another over their petty personal and political interests. At this difficult time, the Armed Forces of Pakistan are at the forefront to rescue people affected by the unprecedented floods. Pakistan Army troops are engaged 24/7 in rescue and relief operations in flood-hit areas of Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, and KP. Due to the severity of calamity, the Armed Forces of Pakistan are rendering proactive efforts for saving precious lives and transferring them to safe locations.




The civil administration has been assisted by Pakistan Army Helicopters in the distribution of relief goods for flood-hit people in inaccessible and far-flung areas of DG Khan district. So far, 4 sorties of Army Aviation Helicopters have been flown for relief operations in most affected areas of DG Khan including Fazla Katch, Mubarki, & Basti Buzdar. Ration and tents were transported to flood victims.




In Hyderabad, Badin, Thatta, Sanghar, Noshero Feroz, Jamshoro, and various other districts of Sindh rescue and relief efforts are underway. 2 Special Army helicopters were flown from Karachi to affected areas of Interior Sindh to speed up rescue operations. The affected areas were provided with ration and medical aid.




The FC troops in KPK are helping the civil administration in flood relief operations in Chitral and other flood-hit areas. Extensive efforts are being made by the Armed Forces to support the KP government in this difficult time.




Army and FC Balochistan are supporting the civil administration in Pishin, Qila Saif Ullah, Quetta, Ziarat, Zhob, Noshki, and Loralai. Relief camps have been established in Naseerabad, Duki, and Lasbela areas. Army and FC medical camps are also established in affected areas.


Overall, 6500 troops have been employed so far across the country with 50 boats, 250 vehicles, and 60 dewatering teams. From time to time multiple helicopter sorties have been operated to help in evacuating a significant number of stranded individuals and transportation of medical aid and relief efforts. More than 40,000 individuals have been evacuated so far and 3 days of dry ration have been provided in flood-affected areas of Punjab, Sindh, KPK, and Balochistan. An extra 633 tons of dry ration for Sindh and 492 tons for Balochistan have been distributed considering the devastation in these areas.

Around 200 medical facilities have been established in different parts of the country by Pakistan Army. In these facilities around 22000 patients have already been treated.


60 relief camps by Army formation have been established in various flood-hit areas in which 11000 individuals have been accommodated. 14000 non-food items and 73000 food packets have also been distributed among flood affectees. FWO has made timely efforts to restore communication infrastructure. The timely efforts have helped in saving a lot of precious lives and livestock. However, while the Armed Forces are busy providing rescue and relief efforts in various parts of the country, it’s about time that political leaders put their act together and instead of doing petty politics should whole heartedly devout and dedicate themselves to their respective areas to help the stranded people who need their utmost attention.

Pakistan Army at the Forefront for Flood Affectees

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