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Friday, 24 March 2023

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SEVAK: Exposing the Hidden Realities

SEVAK: Exposing the Hidden Realities

By Khushal Khan 


Vidly.tv’s season ‘Sevak: The Confessions’ is based on true events. It is action filled web series that brings to fore historical facts and exposes the hidden truths, which were intentionally manipulated to achieve malicious agendas by the fascist Hindu government. The season comprises of 8 exciting episodes in which the true face of Indian saffronists has been skillfully exposed. The plot starts with a struggling journalist, striving to keep her father's legacy alive, is approached by a mysterious man, who promises to give her the biggest story of her career.


The story entails the fanatic agendas of RSS and its affiliates and their barbaric acts of extremism against the Indian minorities including Muslims, Sikhs and Christians. It covers Operation Blue Star and Operation Woodrose, in which 5000 innocent Sikhs were massacred by the Indian Army in 1984 inside the Golden Temple. 175 Gurdwaras were destroyed and more than 200,000 Sikh men, women and children also went missing. Who were the real perpetrators of Malegaon, Samjhauta Express and Ahmedabad bomb blasts incidents and how they killed the investigators of their crimes is also revealed in the thriller. Web series is an effort to revisit the buried chapters of history.


There is a complete chain of killings carried out at the behest of RSS and its allies targeting the Indian minorities specially Muslims, which was never investigated and if someone tried to investigate them, they were also brutally murdered. Sevak comprises of all such true events which were buried forever. It’s no secret that in 1980s, Operation Black Thunder, Operation Blue Star and Operation Woodrose that resulted into massacre of thousands of Sikhs are testimony to Indian persecution of its minorities. After that in December 1992, Babri Mosque was demolished by the Kar Sevaks of BJP, RSS and VHP, which triggered the deadliest riots against Muslims. Thousands of Muslims were massacred and their properties torched across India.


Graham Stuart Staines was an Australian Christian missionary, who along with his two sons, Philip and Timothy, were most brutally burnt to death in India on January 22, 1999. In Gujrat massacre, thousands of Muslim residents of Gujrat were brutally killed in February 2002, Ehsan Jafri (Indian Politician) was amongst thousands of other innocent Muslims, who got killed in the State sponsored Gujarat Pogrom. On Feb 19, 2007, in Samjhota Express bombings; sixty-eight (68) innocent passengers including 44 Pakistanis were charred to death in a deadly terrorist attack carried out by Swami Aseemanand at the behest of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). On June 22, 2017, sixteen years old Junaid Khan, boarded a train from Delhi after shopping for Eid. He was most brutally stabbed to death by an angry mob of Hindu vigilantes. Punjabi film actor and activist Deep Sidhu died in a staged car accident on February 15, 2022 after he became an important part of the farmers' protest against Indian govt's farm laws. He established ‘Waris Punjab De’ to fight for the rights of Punjab and got arrested after the Nishan Sahib was hoisted at the Red Fort.


All these incidents were part of a chain and linked with the Hindutva driven Saffron agenda of Indian extremist wing RSS. People like Hemant Karkare the ATS chief who was investigating Malegaon, Samjhauta Express and Ahmedabad bomb blasts was also brutally killed. Operation Kill K was planned and executed jointly by Abhinav Bharat, RSS and VHP in collusion with the IB to save Pragya Thakur, Colonel Purohit Prasad and other Saffron terrorists because Hemant was about to expose their roles in the terrorist activities across the country targeting Muslims. Hindutva driven extremist groups of India working with the support of Modi led BJP are not only working against other countries but they are also against the sane voices in India who really want to bring some positive change. Sevak is a laudable effort in this regard as it very effectively exposes the hidden truths and make people aware of the true historical events. It’s for the first time that a web series of this quality based on true stories exposing Indian brutalities has been aired which has made wide appreciation across the board. However, as expected response from Hindutva driven fascist government and its RSS goons has been disappointing as soon as first episode of the web series was launched, Indian government banned the vidlytv in India. So much for the world largest democracy’s so called freedom of speech and press freedom.

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