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Friday, 24 March 2023

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Pakistan Govt’s bans former PM Imran Khan's speeches on national media as political crisis worsening in South Asian country 

Pakistan Govt’s bans former PM Imran Khan's speeches on national media as political crisis worsening in South Asian country 


By Mashal Khan 



ISLAMABAD: Pakistan government has banned former Prime Minister Imran Khan's live speeches on national media after he announced to take legal actions against officials involved in the alleged torture of his chief of staff.



On Saturday evening, while addressing a big gathering in the capital city Islamabad, Khan accused the Inspector General of Islamabad Police, his deputy for tortured of Shehbaz Gill, Khan’s chief of staff, in police custody and announced to take legal action against them.


“When I asked the police to ‘tell me what did you do to Shahbaz Gill’, they said ‘we did nothing, we got a boot from behind to follow orders’,” Khan said.



Khan also announced legal action against a local court judge, and said she handed over Gill to police on physical remand despite his health condition. 


Soon after Khan's speech, Pakistan Electronic Media Regularity Authority (PEMRA) ordered the private broadcaster to not broadcast Khan’s live speeches and if any TV channel broadcast his speech, they will face action.


PEMRA has already kicked out the country’s major TV channel, ARY News from cable as the broadcaster was covering Khan’s speeches and gatherings.


Journalists who are criticizing the current government and speaking against the alleged regime change operation are also facing government actions and life threats.


Prominent journalists Arshad Sharif and Sabir Shakir already lift the country after receiving serious life threats. While Imran Riaz Khan was arrested and mentally tortured last month. 


Khan also announced to file cases against the ruling alliance leaders including Maulana Fazlurehman, Nawaz Sharif, Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, and others.


Political crisis in the South Asian country is growing as Khan demands immediate elections while the current government wants to complete its tenure. 


Political crisis began in Pakistan in March when 12 parties opposition alliance tabeled a no-trust motion against Khan in parliament and later ousted him from power. 


Khan accused the United States of hitching a conspiracy against his government because of his independent foreign policy and close ties with China and Russia and used the opposition to out him from power.

The US denied any role in removing him from power. 

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