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Saturday, 26 November 2022
Indian media struggling to hide real causes of Rajhastan murder which has put New Delhi in a shock

Indian media struggling to hide real causes of Rajhastan murder which has put New Delhi in a shock


By MD Mesha

NEW DELHI: Indian Media is trying to divert the public attention from the real causes of the murder in Rajhastan state where a Muslim beheaded a BJP supporter after he insulted the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

NDTV, the main broadcaster in India in its report as usual linked Mohammed Ghouse, who killed Kanhaiyalal, a RSS/BJP supporter, in Udaipur city, with an unknown Dawate Islami group in Pakistan without providing any evidence.


Family and friends of Ghouse said he has no links with any groups inside or outside India.


Ghouse in his video message said it’s the responsibility of every Muslim to sacrifice his life for the beloved holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and kill anyone who insults to Prophet.


Kanhaiyalal, who was a tailer in Udaipur city and he wrote a post on social media in support of former BJP Spokersons Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal who insulted Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) last month.


Mohammed Ghouse went to his shop and killed him there after his blasphemous post.


Analysts believed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi government is responsible for the latest murder as he refused to take action against Sharma and Naveen Jindal despite Muslim world's demand and wide spread protests.


Over 20 Muslim nations lodged protests and summoned Indian envoys but the Modi government didn’t condemn Sharma and Jindal's blasphemous acts and neither arrested them.

Modi’s government also launched an anti-Muslim operation across the country and demolished hundreds of houses of those Muslims who took part in peaceful protests against Sharma and Jindal.


Pakistan has strongly rejected Indian media baseless reports and have declared as part of Indian typical propaganda to blame Pakistan while avoiding to address the real root causes of long festering problems in India.


Meanwhile, Pakistan Foreign Ministry rejected the Indian media reports regarding investigations into a murder case in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and called it an attempt at malign Pakistan.

“We have seen reports in a segment of the Indian media referring to investigations into the murder case in Udaipur, mischievously seeking to link the accused individuals, Indian nationals, to an organization in Pakistan.


“We categorically reject any such insinuations, which are typical of the BJP-RSS ‘Hindutva’ driven Indian regime’s attempts at maligning Pakistan including by externalizing their internal issues through pointing of fingers towards Pakistan. Such malicious attempts will not succeed in misleading the people, either in India or abroad,” said the Foreign Ministry in a statement.

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