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Friday, 30 September 2022
Afghan Taliban celebrates its first anniversary of victory against US in 20-year-long conflict 

Afghan Taliban celebrates its first anniversary of victory against US in 20-year-long conflict 

By Mashal Khan



KABUL: Afghan Taliban on Monday celebrated the first anniversary of their victory against the US forces in a 20-year-long conflict. 



The day began with special prayers in mosques and government offices where local people are Taliban leaders recited the holy Quran and thanked Allah for great victory against the world super power.



“I congratulate the Mujahid people who have stood and done their best on the occasion of the conquest of Kabul. This day is the victory of truth over falsehood and the day of salvation and freedom of the Afghan nation,” said Zabihullah Mujahid, spokesman of Afghan Taliban.


“I pray for independence, freedom and freedom for our nation forever.May Allah grant us more security, prosperity and peace forever,” he added.


On August 15, last year Taliban entered in Kabul city and captured the country after US forces withdrew under the Doha agreement. 


Former President Ashram Ghani and his all cabinet members fled away from the country and Taliban took over their offices without any resistance. 


Afghan Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi in a statement said “Congratulations to all on this auspicious day when the light of truth fueld by the blood, tears & sweat of the pure finally prevailed over the ubiquitous darkness of falsehood.”


Talking about the Taliban government's achievements during the last one year, he said they facilitated over 1000 foreign reporters and 250 local media. 


Taliban government created over 330,000 new civil sector jobs and hundreds of thousands of jobs in mining, construction & other private sectors.


They also registered 100 new investment companies and doubled Afghan exports


“ Mega projects (Qushtepa, Mes Aynak, Ring road, Railroad, Gas field, Kajaki turbine, TAPI),  Resumption commercial flights,  Maintaining diplomatic missions & engagements and Int. Concensus no alternative to current government & non-support for proxy warfare. And many more are our achievements,” he added.

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