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Friday, 30 September 2022
Afghanistan gets another $40M in humanitarian cash aid

Afghanistan gets another $40M in humanitarian cash aid

By Islamuddin Sajid 


ISLAMABAD (AA) - Afghanistan has received another tranche of $40 million in humanitarian cash assistance, the country's central bank said.


According to the Da Afghanistan Bank, the amount arrived from donor countries to help the people of Afghanistan on Monday.


"A cash of 40 million US dollars has arrived and has been handed over to a commercial bank as part of the humanitarian aid of donor countries to Afghanistan," the bank said in a brief statement.


This is the country's third tranche in a month, following $80 million in two separate tranches to cope with the humanitarian crisis.


The bank welcomed the aid and urged the international community to interact and cooperate with Afghanistan in other areas in order to help its people.


War-torn Afghanistan is facing a humanitarian crisis after the exit of foreign forces in August last year and the fall of the US-backed Kabul administration, which resulted in the Taliban regaining power after 20 years of war.


As the Taliban-led interim government awaits recognition by the international community that would allow it to bring in foreign investments and other financial benefits, the UN is leading a humanitarian mission to support people in need in the country.


The Taliban have been struggling for recognition of their government, facing financial difficulties as the US has frozen Afghanistan's approximately $9.5 billion in assets, despite warnings from the UN that the population is facing extreme starvation.

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