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Friday, 09 June 2023

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Legal fraternity condemns India human rights violations in Kashmir 

Legal fraternity condemns India human rights violations in Kashmir 

By Zahid Shah

ISLAMABAD: Legal fraternity and prominent scholars on Monday condemned the Indian government for human rights violations and the use of force against innocent people in the disputed region of Kashmir.


Speaking at a seminar organized by the Islamabad High Court Bar Association, and Legal Forum for Kashmir to mark India’s Independence Day as Black Day, Advocate Shoaib Shaheen, President, Islamabad High Court Bar Association said that India has failed to uphold democratic values and the International commitments pertaining to Human Rights.


“India is adamant about employing violence as an instrument to coerce unarmed Kashmiris thereby perpetrating grave Human Rights Violations,” he said,


 Shaheen lauded LFK for its role in documenting the atrocity crimes and exposing the perpetrators of atrocity crimes in IOJK.


Prof Abdur Rauf Khattana, Assistant Professor while talking about the disputed status of IOJK, exposed the farce democratic face of India which is being used to whitewash the denial of Kashmiris’ rights and the violation of Human Rights in the occupied territory. 


He recommended the documentation of all such war crimes and also looking for avenues like Universal Jurisdiction to build pressure on Indian government.

India’s independence act of July 1947 makes no mention of Jammu and Kashmir, rather it (J&K) was illegally occupied by India’s occupying forces without any veneration to the aspirations of Kashmiris,” said Advocate Nasir Qadri, Executive Director, LFK,


 He further added that being a freed part, it is the duty of the people of AJK to liberate the occupied territory of IOJK. 


He asserted that the Jammu Kashmir issue is not only a matter of strategic interest for Pakistan, but it is also associated with the faith of Pakistanis as part of the two nations’ theory. 


Qadri further highlighted the importance of the legal fraternity’s role in the Lawfare for Kashmir, and proposed the establishment of Kashmir cells in all the District / High Courts across Pakistan, particularly in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar.

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