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Friday, 30 September 2022
World needs to ‘do more’ for Pakistan floods victims, says Angelina Jolie

World needs to ‘do more’ for Pakistan floods victims, says Angelina Jolie


By Mashal Khan


ISLAMABAD:  A top Hollywood actress and special envoy to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees on Thursday urged the international community to come forward and help the victims of the Pakistan floods.


Speaking at the National Flood center in Islamabad, she said the situation in flood-affected areas is worsening as millions of people are facing a tough time. 


" I've never seen anything like this before and many times i came  because of  the generosity that Pakistani people shown to people of Afghanistan over the years as a host country so often the countries that dont have as much like so many other countries and now this time we see the countries cause less damage to the environment  are now bearing the brunt of the disaster and the pain and the death,” she said.


“And i m absolutely with you in pushing the international community to do more.”


The world top actress arrived in Pakistan on Tuesday to meet the victims families and help them.


 “I feel like we say that often we speak of it appeals , reliefs and supports  but this is something very very different i think this is a real wake up call to the world about where we are at,” she added.


She warned that the climate change is not only real, its not only coming , its very much here and even as somebody who spent a part of humanitarian aid for years, often look at the crisis and they think of how to solve it and what we can do, what to rebuild, how to help the children or food. 


“And now we are in situation like this, where  the needs are so great  and truly every effort is either a life or death for so many people.” 


“Every current effort that i ve seen , i see the army , i ve been with the army and with my colleagues and i ve seen those lives who were saved but also seen those who ve been speaking to people and thinking that if enough aid doesn't come , they wont be here in the next few weeks , they wont make it , too many children, so malnourished  and even if they make it through the next months.


 “The winter coming and the destruction of the crops and the harsh reality, i m overwhelmed but i dont feel  its fair to say that because i m not living in this so i will just simply try to speak out and help,” she said.


“I really cant imagine what it feels like to be there. I see the very thought out beyond this not only emergency that what to do and all its going to take and i am here as a friend to Pakistan and very warm friends relationships i have here and i will continue to return. 


“My heart is very very much with people at this time,” she concluded.


So far 1,569 people have died and over 12,000 wounded while over 2 million houses destroyed by the destructive flood since mid-June in the South Asian country.

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